Finding Social Good in Clouds on the Dark Web

The dark web (and some other parts of the deep web) includes every manner of content, including legal and illegal, ethical and unethical, innocuous and offensive, and accurate and fraudulent. It sometimes includes the results of spectacular data breaches that expose detailed personal information on billions of accounts of people, companies, countries, and other organizations around the world -- costing the world economy trillions of dollars a year. The damage these breaches have done is well known. What is not known, and what we are now studying, is whether it is possible to create some social good out of all this chaos, whether we might be able to find a silver lining in these dark clouds.
As social scientists, our goal is to to understand and ameliorate some of the greatest challenges that afflict individuals, groups, and societies. In this project, we hope to use information already exposed and often widely reported on to solve some of these societal problems to benefit everyone. If you have knowledge of this information, we’d appreciate hearing from you. If you already have information and would like to share it with academic researchers, you may contact us directly or anonymously, and may even donate it anonymously via our state-of-the-art “Secure Drop” site for sharing data site (a technique routinely used to connect to journalists at the New York Times, The Guardian, many others, following the same high security standards).
All work we do, and all decisions we make, are governed by Harvard University’s Institutional Review Board. We have also imposed more restrictive ethical, administrative, security, and data standards on our project which we describe here.
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